The Journal of The Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World

Philosophy in the Contemporary World is a peer-reviewed journal committed to applying philosophy in understanding and solving contemporary ethical and conceptual problems. It provides a unique venue for articles focused on applied philosophy, contemporary ethical issues, philosophy and public policy, philosophy of the professions, race and gender studies, environmental philosophy, and a range of multi-cultural issues. Articles should use philosophical thought to help define, analyze, clarify, or resolve contemporary problems.

Editors: Andrew Fiala, California State University, Fresno & Joseph Orosco, Oregon State University

Editorial Board

Recent articles include:

• Carlos Alberto Sánchez, “Philosophy and the Post-Immigrant Fear”
• Lisa Campo-Engelstein, “Cultural Memory, Empathy, and Rape”
• Miguel Martinez-Saenz and Craig Hanks, “The Occlusion of Truth Seeking in a Fog of Marketing”
• John A. Berteaux, “What about Race After Obama: Individualism, Multiculturalism, or Assimilationism?”
• Joris van Gorkom, “Immanuel Kant on Racial Identity”
• Shari Stone-Mediatore, “A Not So Global Ethics: Contradictions in U.S. Global Ethics Education”
• Courtney S. Campbell, “Northwest Passages: Some Lessons from Ten Years of Death with Dignity”
• Robert Talisse, “Socratic Citizenship”
• John Lachs, “What Can Philosophy Contribute?”

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