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On-line Supported Courses

Dr. Zellmer was an early user of the Internet in support of his courses in the Chemistry Department. Today, most of the on-line student materials used by faculty at Fresno State are in Blackboard, a password-protected product that allows students acess to their personal progress as well as instructional materials.

The sites listed here were mostly created before Blackboard became available, and are still used as an open source of information for students who have graduated, or for others who find the material after a Google search. Dr. Zellmer has had correspondence with students and other professionals throughout the world who have found him through these sites.

The links on the left give information on how and why each course web site was created. To see the web sites themselves, use the links on the right.

A note to Fresno State faculty who are considering creating a web site:

The new University web standards are available at Clean Up the Web. You can request downloads of a web toolkit complete with templates there. You can also sign up for workshops on how to do this. If you don't know what CSS stands for, you need the workshops!

You will also need a copy of Dreamweaver, a web creation application from Adobe that is part of their Creative Suite. Have your department make the order through purchasing. I also use Fireworks, the image editing application that is part of the suite.