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Other Web Sites Constructed by Dr. Zellmer

Having written several instructional sites, I moved on to sites about California State University, Fresno. My goal was to describe and show things about Fresno State for an ever-increasing number of people who were turning to the Web for their information. Today we take this for granted, but not long ago this "web business" was not considered a serious source of information.

The sites I created range from the whimsical (The Walk), to the very heavy-duty (I built and maintain the site for the College of Science and Mathematics).

I currently am advising and helping other faculty who need web sites of their own.

A note to Fresno State faculty who are considering creating a web site:

The new University web standards are available at Clean Up the Web. You can request downloads of a web toolkit complete with templates there. You can also sign up for workshops on how to do this. If you don't know what CSS stands for, you need the workshops!

You will also need a copy of Dreamweaver, a web creation application from Adobe that is part of their Creative Suite. Have your department make the order through purchasing. I also use Fireworks, the image editing application that is part of the suite.