July, 2017

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Dr. Farīborz Mohammadi Tehrānī (fa.rīī-teh.rā.nī) is an Associate Professor, Professional Civil Engineer, Sustainability Professional, and Project Management Professional with academic and professional background in structural, geotechnical, and transportation engineering and management. Fariborz Tehrani has authored and co-authored three books, as well as thirty-five technical articles and research reports. His research and practice experiences focus on resilient-sustainable infrastructures and include structural analysis and design, earthquake resistant design, building materials and construction, road and bridge design, and project management. His research on sliding seismic isolation resulted in a patented methodology, Sliding Foundation System with Safety Margin, which was applied in construction of a small building in 1998. He has contributed to the engineering design of more than fifty structures and infrastructures, management and planning of nearly $150 million projects, and development of several research proposals and projects. Fariborz holds membership of American Society of Civil Engineers, American Concrete Institute, American Society of Engineering Education, and Engineers without Borders. He is currently an Assistant Professor in California State University. Further, he has served in National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, and Project Management Institute as panelist and subject matter expert, and currently reviews ACI and ASCE Structural Engineering journals as well as International Journal of Damage Mechanics. He is also mentoring in EWB student chapter in University of California in San Diego and California State University in San Luis Obispo on multiple projects in Rwanda and Nicaragua. Dr. Tehrani received the ASCE Region 9 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award in 2015.

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