September, 2022

Curriculum Vitae


  • Design Projects List (Including Employment and Consulting)
  • Commercial Building:

1.       Court retail shop, lightweight steel wall with steel bracing, and moment frames

2.       Restaurant, 2 stories wood frame addition

  • Educational Building:

3.      High school, 3 stories steel structure

4.       Middle school hall, steel structure

5.       School hall, steel structure

6.       Pharmacology Department, 4 stories reinforced concrete building

7.       University headquarter building, 8 stories reinforced concrete structure

  • Geotechnical Project:

8.       Slope Stability Analysis in Los Angeles; Brentwood; and Encino

  • Healthcare Building:

9.       Medical school, 5 stories reinforced concrete building

10.    Medical building, 3 stories reinforced concrete structure

  • Industrial Building:

11.    Cement-factory utility buildings, reinforced concrete and steel structure buildings

12.    Technical Block of International Airport, special steel structure

  • Office Building:

13.    Tenant improvement, metal stud framing, Woodland Hills

14.    Retail/office, reconstruction of fire-damaged wood framing, San Pedro

15.    Public Center, reinforced-masonry elevator-shaft tower, Los Angeles

16.    Residential/Office Project, Seismic rehabilitation, renovation and new additions to existing structures including: Two stories reinforced concrete/masonry building, Four stories reinforced concrete building with one additional story, and Two-stories steel structure building with three additional stories, Oceanside

17.    Headquarter in Shiraz, 15 stories reinforced concrete building

  • Parking Structure:

18.    Multi-story parking, 7 stories steel structure

19.    Multi-story parking, 10 stories reinforced concrete structure

  • Public Storage:

20.    Public storage, dynamic analysis of 4 stories tilt-up structure, Los Angeles

  • Residential Building:

21.    Residential building, 500 SF in 2 stories, wood structure, Tarzana

22.    Residential building, 450 SF deck retrofit, wood structure, Redondo Beach

23.    Residential Remodeling, one story, wood structure, Agoura Hills

24.    Residential building, 4200 SF in 3 stories, hillside wood structure, Woodland Hills

25.    Residential building, 450 SF addition, wood frame structure, Pomona

26.    Residential building, 1100 SF new deck addition, wood deck on steel beam, Brentwood

27.    Residential building, 7000 SF in 2 stories, wood structure, Irvine

28.    Residential building, 6600 SF, wood structure, Brentwood

29.    Residential building, 15000 SF in 3 stories, wood structure, Brentwood

30.    Residential building, 10 stories steel structure

31.    Residential complex, 6 stories steel structure

32.    Residential/office building, 11 stories steel structure

33.    Residential/office building, dynamic analysis of 7 stories reinforced concrete structure, Fert Co.

34.    Typical dormitory design, reinforced concrete structure

35.    Students dormitory of the University, reinforced concrete 4 stories structure

  • Specialty Structure:

36.    Retail Store Project, Specialty structures for supporting aircraft models and bodies, San Diego

37.    Canopy, fašade, and bay window, stainless steel and catenary cables, NY

38.    Aluminum canopy, Aluminum structure, PA

39.    Ornamental canopies, 48x26 & 33x18 ft ellipsoid aluminum structure, NY

40.    Glass curtain wall, 1800 SF, 3-stories-high steel structure, NY

41.    Glass canopy, 640 SF, Stainless steel & catenary cables, NY

42.    Glass fašade, steel structure wall panels

43.    Farmers market dome, steel truss

44.    Masque dome, steel structure

  • Transportation:

1.       American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

o    Pavement Preservation on Route 5

2.       Roadway Preservation

o    RAC pavement on Routes 1, 10, and 60,

o    PCC Pavement and Structural Approach slabs on Routes 5 and 101,

o    AC & PCC Pavement on Routes 1, 5, and 710

3.       Bridge Preservation

o    Upgrade Concrete Barrier and Railing on Adams/Figueroa/Flower Bridges on Route 110,

o    Repair Joint Seal on Routes 91, 90, and 105,

o    Repair Corrosion and Steel Casing on College Overhead on Route 91,

o    Bridge Deck Preservation on Routes 1 and 405

4.       Safety Improvements and Enhancements

o    Lane Realignment on Route 110 and Gaffey Street Separation,

o    Mozart Pedestrian Over-Crossing Safety Enhancement on Route 5,

o    Metal Beam Guard Railing on Route 110,

o    Pavement rehabilitation and Concrete Barrier Upgrade on Route 5,

o    Cable Railing on various routes in Los Angeles County


  • Educational Building:

1.       Physics Department, and Restaurant Buildings, Tehran

  • Geotechnical Projects:

2.       Earthworks for Razavī tunnel construction, Khuzestan

  • Heavy Industry Constructions:

3.       Concrete-Block Manufacturing Plant, Saveh

4.       Gharb 1000 MW Power Plant, Hamadan

  • Public Works (Programs and Portfolios):

1.       Six Preventive Maintenance projects, AC and PCC pavement, various routes in LA and VEN, $7.2M

2.       Fifteen Base Maintenance projects, AC and PCC pavement, various routes in LA & VEN, $10.4M

3.       Roadway Preservation project, AC pavement, PCH, in Torrance and Redondo Beach, $1.1M

4.       Two Park and Ride Facilities, AC Pavement, Route 210, in Glendora, $140K

5.       Two Roadside Planting projects, Route 10 in LA and Route 101 in VEN, $240K

6.       Sidewalk Repair project, Route 23, in Thousands Oaks, $180K

7.       Two Drainage Facilities, Route 101 in VEN and Route 57 in LA, $340K

8.       Nine Bridge Maintenance projects, Forty bridges on various routes in LA, $5.3M

9.       Five Bridge Rehabilitation projects, Five bridges on various routes in LA, $2.2M

10.    Seven Bridge Preservation projects, 81 bridges on various routes in LA and VEN, $12.4M

11.    Pavement Striping project, Route 105 in LA, $1.2M


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