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Curriculum Vitae


  • M.S. Students: (Thesis and Project) [9 theses]

  • J. Rowley, “Application of structural health monitoring using visual-based sensing in shake table investigation of structural prototypes,” California State University, 2021-2022

  • N. Ghavami, “Assessing the design strength modification factors for rotary-kiln produced expanded aggregates,” California State University, 2021

  • E. Mohammadiyaghini, “Evaluating the Application of Virtual Reality in Construction Operations and Inspections Using Immersive Media,” California State University, 2020-21

  • N. Pathan, “Behavior of Buckling Restrained Brace Members Containing Tire-derived Aggregates”, California State University, 2019-20

  • L. Couch, “Resilience of Concentrically Steel Braced Frames with Friction Dampers”, California State University, 2018-20

  • J. Carreon, “A Numerical Simulation of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Composites with Alternative Aggregates”, California State University, 2016

  • S. Rico, “The effects of Lightweight-Aggregate Fiber-Reinforced concrete on the Ductility of Unreinforced Masonry Walls”, California State University, 2015

  • N. Masswadi, “Dynamic Properties of Rubberized Lightweight Aggregate Concrete”, California State University, 2015

  • N. Miller, “Mechanical Properties of Rubberized Lightweight Aggregate Concrete”, California State University, 2014

  • A. Soto, “Investigation of Crack Propagation by Steel Studs in Steel and Concrete Composite Beams with Fiber Reinforcement”, California State University, 2014

  • H. Munjy, “Seismic Response of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining Walls Using Finite Element Analysis”, California State University, 2013

  • R. Serrano, “Crack Propagation of Concrete Ties Pre-stressed with Single Strand Tendons”, California State University, 2013


  • M.S. Students: (Independent Studies and Directed Research) [6 projects]

  • J. Rowley, “An Introduction to Structural Health Monitoring,” California State University, 2021

  • N. Ghavami, “Design and Behavior of Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete,” California State University, 2020

  • M. Verduzco, “Design and Behavior of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Masonry”, California State University, 2020

  • N. Pathan, “Investigating Performance Based Analysis of Steel structural building designed using Buckling Restrained Braces”, California State University, 2018

  • A. Goyal, “Experimental approach to the propagation of plasticity in slender flexural steel members”, California State University, 2014

  • N. Miller, “State of the art report on Rubberized Concrete”, California State University, 2014

  • H. Munjy, “Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining Walls”, California State University, 2012

  • S. Rico, “State-of-The-Art Report on Lightweight-Aggregate Fiber-Reinforced Concrete”, California State University, 2012


  • Graduate Student Co-Advising and Consultation: [3 thesss]

  • F. Mohammadpur (Ph.D.), Politecnico di Torino, Advisor: Dr. Alessnadro Pasquale Fantilli, 2022

  • A. Naghshineh (Ph.D.), Technische Universität München, Advisor: Dr.-Ing. Oliver Fischer, 2020-22

  • B. Jeevanlal (M.S.), California State University, Advisor: Dr. Arezoo Sadrinezhad, 2018

  • S. G. Shamasundar (M.S.), Advisor: Dr. Maziar Ghazinezhad, California State University, 2017

  • M. Shafaie (M.S.), Tarbiat Modares University, Advisor: Dr. Mahmoud Yazdani, 2017


  • M.S. Student Defense Committee: [3 theses]

  • T. Gorham, ” Finite Element Analysis of Reinforcement of Motel Drive Bridge Overhang Using Fiber Reinforced Polymers,” Advisor: Kimberly Stillmaker, California State University, 2022

  • M. Ledezma,”Improved Shake Table Tests on the Seismic Response of Slurry Walls”, Advisor: Ming Xiao, California State University, 2013

  • D. Hartman, “Seismic Responses of MSE Walls Using Accelerated Alternative Backfill Materials with Tire Derived Aggregates (TDA) and Lightweight Aggregates (LWA), Adviser: Ming Xiao, California State University, 2013

  • M. Graham, “Seismic Performance of Slurry Walls”, Advisor: Ming Xiao, California State University, 2011


  • B.S. Students: (Thesis) [2 theses]

  • C. McComb, “Enhancement of Composite Concrete Decks”, California State University, 2012

  • R. G. [full name reserved], “Experimental and Analytical Study of Elastomeric Bearings Application in Vibration Control”, Air Force University, 1995


  • B.S. Students: (Independent Studies and Directed Research) [12 students]

  • D. Truong and R. Farshidpour, “Sustainability of Tire-derived Aggregate Concrete”, 2018-19

  • R. Farshidpour, “Structural Forms for Stability and Resilience: A Case Study on Iranian Arches”, California State University, 2018

  • L. Tahsin, “Life Cycle Analysis of Cementitious Composites with a Focus on Embodied Energy and Emissions”, California State University, 2016-17

  • E. Berry, “Performance of Wood Shear Walls with Large Openings”, California State University, 2016

  • R. Farshidpour, “A Statistical Approach to Analyze Engineering Estimates and Bids", California State University, 2016

  • K. Hoffman, “Envision Rating of the Temperance Flat Support Project”, California State University, 2015

  • M. Iskandar, “Implementation of Sustainable Solutions in Civil Engineering Projects with a focus on Developing Communities”, California State University, 2014

  • J. Regier and K. Hoffman, “Modeling Civil Engineering Practice”, California State University, 2014

  • J. Schwab, “Technology-based Curriculum Development for Structural Analysis”, California State University, 2014

  • B. Rodriguez, “Volume-Based Specifications for Lightweight Aggregate Backfills”, California State University, 2014

  • N. Masswadi, “Reinforced Timber Using FRP”, California State University, 2012

  • S. Hamm, “An Analysis of Interlocking Block Walls”, California State University, 2011

  • A. Arzmanians, “Sustainability of Concrete”, University of California, 2010

  • Y. Lee, “Life-cycle Performance of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete”, University of California, 2007


  • B.S. Students: (Senior Project) [59 students]

  • Fall 2022: L. Ramirez, A. Ankrum

  • Spring 2022: J. Smith, K. Nassef

  • Fall 2021: C. Parra, M. Zaghmouri

  • Spring 2021: D. McDaniel, S. Ghavami, E. Bravo, N. Mengoni, J. Gramajo, L. Aguirre, H. Tran

  • Fall 2020: J. Rowley, C. Marple

  • Spring 2020: F. Perez, E. Regier, J. Sosa, S. Sullivan

  • Fall 2019: N. Ghavami, A. Zavala

  • Spring 2019: R. Farshidpour, J. Green, T. Ljouba

  • Fall 2018: M. Angabini, R. Williams

  • Spring 2018: I. Perez, D. Sarkar, M. Weaver

  • Spring 2017: N. Roberts, B. Yarbrough

  • Fall 2016: A. Cordova, A. Plescia, R. Tiscareno, J. Vargas, L. Williams

  • Spring 2016: S. Tigson, L. Valtierra, B. Wood, Z. Woods

  • Spring 2015: T. Eaton, M. Palmieri, J. Djabrayan, K. Bowman

  • Spring 2014: B. Watson and F. Diaz

  • Fall 2013: B. Bedolla, A. Lopez, J. Vasquez, J. Velazquez, T. West

  • Spring 2013: N. Miller

  • Fall 2012: A. Hotchkiss, J. Guzman, K. Nielson

  • Spring 2012: G. Garcia

  • Fall 2011: B. Dorais, D. Deal, H. Munjy, N. Masswadi

  • Spring 2011: D. Ponce, J. Simpson, K. Aminabadi, K. Pope, N. Strid, S. Hamm

  • Fall 2010: A. Soto, B. Barrett, K. Ambrosini, Z. Irfan

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