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CE 110. Computer Applications in Civil Engineering

Prerequisites: MATH 76 or concurrently. Use and modification of existing programs. Creation of new programs. Use of structured language, spreadsheets, and numerical solutions CAD. Term projects.

CE 131. Intermediate Theory of Structures

Prerequisite: CE 130. Analysis of statically indeterminate beams, trusses, and frames; advanced topics in slope deflection and moment distribution; matrix methods.

CE 133. Design of Steel Structures

Prerequisite: CE 130. Design of steel members and systems for buildings. Design areas include: tension members, compression members, beams, beam-columns, connections and plate girders. (2 lecture, 3 lab hours)

CE 136. Design of Timber Structures

Prerequisite: CE 130. Design of timber members and systems for buildings. Design areas include: loads, properties of wood, tension members, beams, columns, beam-columns, connections, diaphragms, shear walls, and glued laminated arches.

CE 137. Seismic Analysis of Building Structures

Prerequisites: CE 130, ME 112. Effects of earthquakes on structures. Introduction to structural dynamics. Response of structures. Seismic provisions of building codes. Basic concepts in seismic -resistant design. Detailing for seismic-resistant construction. Term project. (Field trips required)

CE 161. Construction Engineering I

Prerequisite: CE 130, permission of the instructor. Basics of civil engineering contracting, project funding, cash flow, equipment costs.

CE 180B. Senior Project

Prerequisites: CE 180A; approved project proposal; permission of instructor. Synthesis of previous coursework into a civil engineering design project under the supervision of a faculty member. Group projects except by special permission. (Formerly CE 180)

CE 233. Advanced Behavior and Design of Steel Structures

Prerequisite: graduate standing in engineering or permission of instructor. Material behavior and design of basic structural units; plate girders; connections; inelastic buckling; composite design; plastic design; P effect. Analysis and design of continuous structures, braced and unbraced frames; stability of steel structures. Critical study of the AISC specifications.

CE 237. Dynamics of Structures

Analysis of structural members and systems subject to dynamic loads. Basic theory for single-degree-of-freedom and multi-degree-of-freedom analytical models; free vibration, harmonic and transient excitation, response spectrum, LaGrange's equations, earthquake analysis.

CE 238. Stability of Structures

Elastic buckling of bars; different approaches to stability problems; inelastic buckling of columns and beam columns; columns and beam columns with linear, nonlinear creep; combined torsional and flexural buckling of columns; buckling of plates.


  • Academic Curriculum (Instructor):

  • 1.       Undergraduate, “Sustainable Agricultural Infrastructure”, CSU, On-line, Summer 2016

  • 2.       Undergraduate, “Intermediate Analysis of Structures”, CSU, On-line, Summer 2014 and 2015

  • 3.       Undergraduate, “Statics”, CSU, On-line, Summer 2014

  • 4.       Undergraduate, “Sustainable Design Practices in Civil Engineering”, CSU, On-line, Summer 2014

  • 5.       Undergraduate, “Civil Engineering Practice and Entrepreneurship”, CSU, Hybrid, Spring 2014

  • 6.       Undergraduate, “Engineering Literacy”, STEM, CSU, Spring 2014

  • 7.       Undergraduate, “Construction Engineering”, CSU, On-line, Summer 2013, Winter and Summer 2015

  • 8.       Undergraduate, “Senior Project”, CSU, Spring 13 to present (every Fall/Spring)

  • 9.       Graduate, “Stability of Structures”, CSU, Fall 2012 and Spring 2015

  • 10.       Undergraduate, “Civil Engineering Practice”, CSU, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, and Spring 2013

  • 11.    Graduate, “Advanced Behavior and Design of Steel Structures”, CSU, Fall 2011 and Fall 2014

  • 12.    Undergraduate, “Computer Applications for Civil Engineers”, UCLA, Summer 2011

  • 13.    Graduate, “Dynamics of Structures”, CSU, Spring 2011, Spring 2013, Fall 2015 (Every other year)

  • 14.    Undergraduate, “Seismic Design of Structures”, CSU, Spring 2011 to present (every Spring)

  • 15.    Undergraduate, “Design of Wood Structures”, CSU, Fall 2010 to present (every Fall)

  • 16.    Undergraduate, “Design of Steel Structures”, CSU, Fall 2010 to present (every Fall/Spring)

  • 17.    Undergraduate, “Computer Applications in Civil Engineering”, CSU, Fall 2010, Spring 2011, and Fall 2016

  • 18.    Undergraduate, “Structural Design and Testing Laboratory”, UCLA, Spring 2010

  • 19.    Graduate, “Stability of Structures”, UCLA, Winter 2010

  • 20.    Undergraduate, “Statics and Dynamics”, UCLA, Winter 2008, Summer 2009, Fall 2009, and Summer 2012

  • 21.    Undergraduate, “Elementary Structural Dynamics”, UCLA, Fall 2008

  • 22.    Undergraduate,  “Strength of Materials Lab”, Air Force University Department of Aerospace Engineering, 1994-95

  • 23.    Undergraduate, “Statics”, Air Force University Department of Aerospace Engineering, 1994-95

  • Continuing Education and Lectures (Lecturer):

  • 24.    “Numerical Methods in Project Management”, UCLA Extension, Winter 2009

  • 25.    “Civil Engineering Review”, UCLA Extension, Summer and Winter 2008 to present

  • 26.    “Introduction to Engineering Solid Mechanics”, UCLA Center for Excellence in Engineering and Diversity, Summer 2007

  • 27.    “The importance of base isolation systems in absorbing seismic energy”, Building and Housing Research Center, December 1994

  • 28.    “Applications of Harvard Project Manager (HPM)”, Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, Research and Education Institute, 1992-1993

  • 29.    “Applications of Structural Analysis Program (SAP)”, Building and Housing Research Center/Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, Research and Education Institute/Sharif University of Technology, 1990-1993

  • Academic Curriculum (Teaching Assistant):

  • 30.    “Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers”, UCLA, Spring 2005

  • 31.    “Principles of Soil Mechanics”, UCLA, Fall 2002


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