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Photos of Japanese Police Kobans
taken by Dr. Schweizer

Sign directing citizens to the Koban

Koban in suburb of Tokyo

Koban near the Miyazaki Train Station on Kyushu Island

Koban in downtown Miyazaki

Koban in Miyazaki City, Japan

Note the recruiting sign

Nagasaki Chuzaisho (Police officer and family live in house divided into a police office and personal residence)

Koban in Miyazaki City, Japan

Koban in Miyazaki City, Japan

Koban in Nagasaki City, Japan

Small Koban in shopping mall in Nagasaki City, Japan
(Maximillian Schweizer is the future police officer in this picture)


Kansai AP Koban

Yokohama Koban


Yokohama Koban

Yokohama Koban


Singapore Neighborhood Police Post

A small mobile police post situated in a
residential area of Blumenau, Brazil

A small mobile police post in Pretoria, South Africa

Community Policing is anchored in the new South African Constitution