Dale Anderson  Title: Deadly Deception  Author: A. Busch

Robert Berdella  Title: Rites of Burial Author: Tom Jackman and Troy Cole

David Berkowitz  Title: Confessions of the Son of Sam Author: David Abrahamsen

Title: Son of Sam Author: Larry and Lawrence Klausner

Title: Son of Sam: The .44 Caliber Killer Author: George Carpozi

David Brown

Title: If You Really Loved Me
Author: Ann Rule

Jerome Brudos

Title: Lust Killer
Author: Ann Rule

Ted Bundy

Title: Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer
Author: S. Michaud and H. Aynesworth

Title: Ted Bundy: The Deliberate Stranger
Author: Richard Larson

Title: The Only Living Witness: True Account of Homicidal Insanity
Author: S. Michaud and H. Aynesworth

Title: The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River Killer
Author: Bob Keppel, PhD

Title: Stranger Beside Me
Author: Ann Rule

Charles Campbell

Title: Savage Vengence
Author: Gary C. King

Harvey Louis Carignan

Title: The Want-Ad Killer
Author: Ann Rule

David Carpenter

Title: The Sleeping Lady
Author: Robert Graysmith

Dr. John Dale Cavaness

Title: Murder in Little Egypt
Author: Darcy O'Brien

Robert Chambers

Title: The Preppy Murder Trial
Author: Bryna Taubman

Richard Trenton Chase

Title: Dracula Killer
Author: Lt. Ray Biondi

Andrei Chikatilo

Title: Hunting the Devil
Author: Richard Lourie and Harper Collins

Title: Killer Department AKA Citizen X
Author: Robert Cullen

Title: Red Ripper
Author: Peter Conrad

Charles Cohen

Title: Fallen Son
Author: Mike Walsh

Carrol Edward Cole

Title: Silent Rage
Author:Michael Newton

Antone Costa

Title: In His Garden
Author: Leo Damore

Richard Cottingham

Title: The Prostitute Murders
Author: Rod Leith

Andrew Cunanan

Title: Death at Every Stop
Author: W. Clarkson

Brad Cunningham

Title: Dead By Sunset
Author: Ann Rule

Jeffrey Dahmer

Title: Jeffrey Dahmer
Author: Dr. Joel Norris

Title: A Father's Story
Author: Lionel Dahmer

Title: The Man Who Could Not Kill Enough
Author: Anne Schwartz

Title: Milwaukee Massacre
Author: Robert Dvorchak and Lisa Holewa

Title: The Milwaukee Murders
Author: Don Davis

Title: The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer
Author: Brian Masters

Richard Allen Davis

Title: Who Killed Polly?
Author: Frank Spiering

Albert DeSalvo

Title: The Boston Strangler
Author: Gerold Frank

Title: The Boston Stranglers
Author: Susan Kelly

Westley Allan Dodd

Title: Driven to Kill
Author: Gary C. King

Bob Erler

Title: The Catch-Me Killer
Author: Joseph Varon

Larry Eyler

Title: Freed to Kill
Author: Gera-Lind Kolarik and Wayne Klatt

Albert Fish

Title: The Cannibal
Author: Mel Heimer

Title: Deranged
Author: Harold Schecter

John Wayne Gacy

Title: Buried Dreams
Author: Tim Cahill and Russ Ewing

Title: Killer Clown
Author: Terry Sullivan and Peter Maiken

Title: The Man Who Killed Boys
Author: Clifford Linedecker

Title: Question of Doubt
Author: J.W. Gacy

Donald Pee-Wee Gaskins

Title: Final Truth
Author: Donald Gaskins and Wilton Earl

Robin Gecht

Title: Deadly Thrills
Author: Jaye Slade Fletcher

Edward Gein

Title: Deviant
Author: Harold Schecter

Title: Ed Gein: Psycho
Author: Anthony Woods and Errol Morris

Title: Edward Gein
Author: Judge Robert H. Gollmar

Robert Hanson

Title: Butcher, Baker
Author: Walter Gilmour and Leland Hale

Title: Fair Game
Author: Bernard DuClos

Charles Hatcher

Title: Innocent Blood
Author: Terry Ganey

Gary Heidnik

Title: Cellar of Horror
Author: K. Englade

William Heirens

Title: Before I Kill More
Author: L. Freeman

Christopher Hightower

Title: Shattered Innocence, Shattered Dreams
Author: Susan Hightower and Mary Ryzuk

H.H. Holmes aka Herman Mudgett

Title: Depraved
Author: Harold Schecter

Title: The Scarlet Mansion
Author: Allan W. Eckert

Title: The Torture Doctor
Author: David Franke

Theodore Kaczynski

Title: Unabomber
Author: John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

Joseph Kallinger

Title: The Shoemaker
Author: R. Schreiber

Edmund Kemper III

Title: Co-Ed Killer
Author: M. Chaney

Randy Kraft

Title: Angel of Darkness
Author: Dennis McDougal

Peter Kurten

Title: Monster of Dusseldorf
Author: M. Wagner

Allan Joseph Legere

Title: Terror's End
Author: Rick MacLean

John Emil List

Title: Death Sentence
Author: Joe Sharkey

Title: Thou Shall Not Kill
Author: M. Ryzuk

Bobby Joe Long

Title: Bound To Die: The Shocking True Story of BObby Joe, America's Most Savage Serial Killer
Author: Anna Flowers

Title: Knockin' on Joe
Author: Sondra London

Henry Lee Lucas

Title: The Confressions of Henry Lee Lucas
Author: Mike Cox

Title: Henry Lee Lucas
Author: Joel Norris

Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald

Title: Fatal Vision
Author: Joe McGinniss

Charles Manson

Title: Child of Satan, Child of God
Author: Susan Atkins

Title: Desert Shadows: Charles Manson and the Manson Family
Author: Bob Murphy

Title: Garbage People
Author: John Gilmore and Ron Kenner

Title: Helter Skelter
Author: Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry

Title: Jonestown and the Manson Family
Author: Robert Endleman

Title: Manson In His Own Words
Author: Charles Manson

Title: My Life With Charles Manson
Author: Paul Watkins

Title: Witness to Evil
Author: George Bishop

Ken McElroy

Title: In Broad Daylight
Author: Harry N. MacLean

Kenneth Allen McDuff

Title: No Remorse
Author: Bob Stewart

Wayne Nance

Title: To Kill and Kill Again
Author: John Coston

Eric Napoletano

Title: Mama's Boy
Author: Richard T. Pienciak

Earle Leonard Nelson

Title: Bestial
Author: Harold Schecter

Dennis Nilsen

Title: Killing for Company
Author: Brian Masters

Clifford Robert Olson

Title: Final Payoff
Author: Ian Mulgrew

Title: The Olson Murders
Author: Jon Ferry and Damian Inwood

Darren Dee O'Neall

Title: Blind Rage
Author: Gary C. King

Carl Panzram

Title: Killer
Author: T. Gaddis

George Howard Putt

Title: The Memphis Murders
Author: Gerald Meyer

Richard Ramirez

Title: Night Stalker
Author: Philip Carlo

Title: Night Stalker
Author: Clifford Linedecker

Title: Night Stalker
Author: Carol David Luce

Charles Rathbun

Title: Death of a Model
Author: Clifford Linedecker

Robert Rhoades

Title: Roadside Prey
Author: Alva Busch

Joel Rifkin

Title: Crossing the Line
Author: Lisa Beth Pulitzer and Joan Swirsky

Title: Garden of Graves
Author: Maria Efitmiades

Jimmy Rode

Title: Dead of Night
Author: Don Lasseter

Dayton Leroy Rogers

Title: Blood Lust
Author: Gary C. King

Danny Rolling

Title: Beyond Murder
Author: John Philpin and John Donnellyh

Title: The Gainesville Ripper
Author: Mary S. Ryzuk

Title: Killer On Campus
Author: James Fox and Jack Levin

Title: The Making of a Serial Killer
Author: Danny Rolling and Sondra London

Randy Roth

Title: Fatal Charm
Author: Carlton Smith

George Russell, Jr.

Title: Charmer
Author: Jack Olson

G.J. Schaeffer

Title: Killer Fiction
Author: G.J. Schaeffer

Heriberto Seda

Title: Sleep My Little Dead: The True Story of the Zodiac Killer
Author: Kieran Crowley

Arthur Shawcross

Title: Misbegotton Son
Author: Jack Olson

Title: Arthur Shawcross: Gennessee River Killer
Author: Joel Norris

Charles Sobhraj Title: Serpentine Author: Thomas Thompson

Richard Speck

Title: The Crime of the Century
Author: Dennis Breo and William Martin

Timothy Spencer

Title: Stalking Justice
Author: Paul Mones

Gerald Eugene Stano

Title: Blind Fury
Author: Anna Flowers

Richard Daniel Starrett

Title: A Stranger in the Family
Author: Steven Naifeh and Gregory W. Smith

Joel Steinberg

Title: What Lisa Knew
Author: Joyce Johnson

Eli Stutzman

Title: Abandoned Prayers
Author: Gregg Olson

William Lester Suff

Title: Cat and Mouse
Author: Brian Alan Lane

Title: The Riverside Killer
Author: Christine Keers and Dennis St. Pierre

Peter Sutcliffe

Title: Deliver Us From Evil
Author: D. Yallop

Title: Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son
Author: Gordon Burn

Title: The Yorkshire Ripper
Author: Roger Cross

John Weber

Title: Deadly Obsessions
Author: Clifford Linedecker and Frank Osanka

Christopher Wilder

Title: The Beauty Queen Killer,br> Author: Bruce Gibney

Randy Woodfield

Title: The I-5 Killer
Author: Ann Rule

Charles Yuki

Title: The Piano Teacher
Author: Robert Tenebaum and Peter Greenberg