The downtown criminology upper division bachelors degree program offered to Fresno City and Fresno County employees has been in operation for the past 1 1/2 years. The program provides for a set of two required courses being taught over a two months period, with courses offered at the Fresno PD Annex. Students taking both courses during each two month cycle will complete their upper division criminology degree requirements in the Law Enforcement option within two years. Eligible students may join the program at any point and will be able to complete all of their upper division criminology and General Education courses during a two year cycle, beginning with the first set of courses when they join the program. New prospective students should review the information on this page and, if they are eligible for the program, should contact Dr. Schweizer for a review of their past academic coursework and any additional information regarding enrollment in the program.

For internship forms and information click here (For students still completing internship hours)

City of Fresno employees may be eligible for tuition reimbursement. Consult City of Fresno Administrative Order 1-11 from 20 Oct 05 for detailed information.


The following courses are scheduled for the remainder of Fall 2006:

Oct/Nov 2006

Crim 199 Senior Seminar (Limited meetings since it is a One Unit course-cost $150)

ECON 146 Economics of Crime -Upper division GE Area Integration D taught by Ms. Jeanette Iwasa at the Fresno PD Annex basement training room on the first eight Mondays (Oct/Nov) beginning in Oct from 1800-2200 and on the first Saturday of October and November from 0800-1430.

Anth 105 W Anthropology of Religion -Upper division GE multicultural/international taught by Dr. James Mullooly ( at the Fresno PD Annex basement training room on the first eight Wednesdays (Oct/Nov) beginning in Oct from 1800-2200 and on the third Saturday of October/November from 0800-1430.

All classes held at the Fresno Police Department Annex basement training room.

Registration form for ECON 146, ANTH 105W and CRIM 199 classes if you are registering for all three.
Registration form for ECON 146 and CRIM 199
Registration form for ANTH 105W and CRIM 199

Feb/Mar 2007-A new cycle of coursework begins

Crim 1 Strategies for Success(one unit course)
Crim 100 Criminology
Crim 102 Criminal Justice Org. & Management

Apr/May 2007

Crim 109 Comparative Systems of CJ
Anth 161 Biological/Beh. Evolution of the Human Species.
(Upper Division GE-Integration B)

Aug/Sep 2007

Crim 112 Professionalism in Criminal Justice
Crim 170 Research Methods

Oct/Nov 2007
Crim 117 Criminal Legal Process
Phil 120 Contemporary Conflicts of Morals (Upper Division GE-Integration C)

Feb/Mar 2008
Crim 113 Forensic Science
Crim 174 Ethnic and Gender Issues

Apr/May 2008
Crim 127 Advanced Crim Legal Process
Anth 116W Anthropology of Religion (tentative) -Upper division GE area ID*
*Courses may be changed but both upper division GE areas will be covered.

Aug/Sep 2008

Crim 140 Family Violence at the Fresno PD Annex basement training room on the first eight Mondays of Aug/Sep from 1800-2200 and on the first Saturday of August and September from 0800-1430.
Crim 153 Psychology of Crime at the Fresno PD Annex basement training room on the first eight Wednesdays of Aug/Sep from 1800-2200 and on the third Saturday of August and September from 0800-1430.

Oct/Nov 2008

Crim 199 Senior Seminar (Limited meetings since it is a One Unit course-cost $150)
Crim 180 Internship (Limited meetings)
CLS 160 Sex, Race & Class in American Society (tentative)- Upper division GE multicultural/international*
*Courses may be changed but both upper division GE areas will be covered.

NOTE: Some of the courses may be shifted to another date, based on student need and related variables. Any changes, however, will not affect program completion.
Once registered in a downtown course, students are issued a student ID number. This number will permit students to obtain a CSU Fresno Email address. Students should check their email on a regular basis for messages from the university and/or their instructor.

You can apply for the email address at:

The application page will look like this:

Once students are formally admitted to the downtown program (Have filed an admissions application and received an acceptance notice), students are eligible to obtain a student ID card.

Non-criminology courses consist of FOUR upper division General Education courses. Successful completion of a W course, for example Anth 116W, also allows students to meet the upper division writing requirement. This writing requirement can also be met by taking and passing an Upper Division Writing Examination. For additional information on this exam, visit

The total cost for each 3 unit course $450. This cost does not include books.  Payment may be made on the first day of class via check or credit card. The cost for a one unit course is $150.

This program is designed to allow students who have already completed their lower division (60+ units) general education and criminology coursework, to complete the additional upper division coursework for the bachelors degree in criminology during the evenings and some Saturdays at training rooms of the Fresno Police Department.

The courses required for the bachelors degree are delivered over a two year period, with each course lasting two months.    Students joining the program in mid-stream can continue their courses at the end of the current two year cycle to complete any courses they missed at the beginning.

Students who have completed most, but not all, of their lower division coursework may register for courses in the downtown program on a case by case basis, depending on their prior coursework.  All new students to the downtown program should bring a copy of their college transcript/s when enrolling in the off-site courses.

Students who have not completed the majority of their lower division coursework should first do so, before applying for admission to the downtown program or registering for downtown classes.

Students who have completed nearly all of their required criminology degree coursework may take some of the remaining coursework in the downtown program, provided that:

Persons interested in obtaining their degree through the downtown program must apply for admission to the university as soon as the computerized admission process allows. The on-line campus admissions process is not ongoing and has specific deadlines for admission.  Students who meet the prior coursework requirements or are otherwise acceptable after a review of their transcript/s can register for downtown courses even if they have not yet been formally admitted to the university. 

If you are interested in signing up for the course/s, you can sign up at the first day of class.  If you are not already admitted to the university, you should begin the admission process on line as soon as the computerized system allows at

When applying, be sure to select the nearest upcoming semester.

When selecting a major, be sure to select CRIMINOLOGY LAW ENFORCEMENT-OFF CAMPUS

Also check the specific entry and transfer requirements for admission to university degree programs

To determine which junior college course/s meet the CSU Fresno lower division GE requirements, click here.

Students who are not admitted to the university due to a deficiency involving just a few lower division courses, may still attend the downtown program, but must remedy their deficiencies by either taking the courses they lack at a junior college or by exploring independent study alternatives with the downtown program coordinator. If the courses are lower division criminology courses (Crim 2, 20, 35) some alternatives other than completing the course/s at a junior college may be possible...i.e. independent study through the criminology department, but the cost is substantially higher than at a junior college..At times, other courses already completed and not used for a specific degree requirement may be substituted for the lower division criminology courses not offered in the downtown program.

The following criminology related courses from Reedley/Fresno City/COS are the equivalent of lower division criminology courses in the law enforcement option at CSU Fresno as indicated below:

Articulation Agreement by Major
Effective during the 04-05 Academic Year (is also acceptable for current Academic Year)

====Criminology (B.S.)====

CRIM 1 Introduction to Criminology (CAN AJ 2)at junior college is the same as CRIM 2 Administration of Justice at CSU Fresno
CRIM 6 Concepts Of Criminal Law (CAN AJ 4) | (CAN AJ 4) is the same as CRIM 20 Criminal Law at CSU Fresno
CRIM 5 Community Relations is the same as CRIM 35 Communications and Technology in CJ at CSU Fresno

If you completed freshman or sophomore level criminology/criminal justice/law enforcement/administration of justice courses at OTHER colleges, including junior colleges in California or elsewhere, the criminology downtown program coordinator will review them with you to determine if any of these courses can be substituted for lower division criminology courses at CSU Fresno.

CREDIT BY EXAMINATION INFORMATION for students interested in completing required lower division criminology courses not offered in the downtown program.

You can view my criminology related web site for good resource material, including the criminology major requirements by catalog year.


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