From: Alex Obi []

Sent: Montag, 28. Januar 2002 20:54


Subject: Letter




Greetings in the name of the Almighty, the most

merciful and the most magnificient. First, may I

humbly introduce myself; I am Mrs. Mariam Abacha, the

former First lady of Nigeria and widow of Late General

Sani Abacha, the former Nigerian Military Head of

State, who died in active service on the 8th of June

1998, purportedly from cardiac arrest, as claimed by

his colleagues and sub-ordinates, who were so much

ambitious for his position and never wanted anything

good for my family. Ever since he died, most of them

are now against my family as they are bent on probing

my Family. Unfortunately, my Family is now headed by

my second son, Mohammed, as the eldest Ibrahim who was

an erudite lawyer, was set up in a plane crash in

1996, which led to his untimely death while my husbandwas still alive.


As at the moment of soliciting your assistance, I do

not trust any Nigerian, neither do I trust any of our

Family lawyers, hence the decision to contact you

directly, having gotten your name and companys

information and particulars from a Business Directory

of your country, which I discovered in my late

husbands private study/business communication

library.  I felt you must be a genuine well

established and possibly honest investor that I can

rely on for assistance for investment in your country,

without the notice of this Present Civilian Government

in power in Nigeria, because from the look of things

they have sworn to deal with my family without any

atom of mercy, as some of my late husbands accounts

in Europe where he deposited financial gifts and

gratifications from foreign contractors whom he

helped, during his tenure has been frozen.

But there is this very US$62.2 million (Sixty-two

million two Hundred thousand U.S dollars) of genuineorigin, which accrued

from personal gifts and tips received from foreign Oil

Firms whom my late husband granted their Licences of

Operation in Nigeria. This money was quickly and

diligently sneaked out of Nigerias apex bank:-

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), through diplomatic

immunity/means immediately my late husband, Gen. Sani

Abacha died by my second son to a Finance firm in

Accra, Ghana which shall be made known to you,

immediately you agree to help us.  This was possible,

because of the advice of my Late husbands closest

friend, who happened to be a top director of the apex

bank and who actually helped my son in executing this.

This money is in a safe custody of a Finance firm in

Accra, Ghana.  The claim document with the password isin my possession.



For now, we cannot travel out of Nigeria, because our

International Passports where seized by the present

government. Therefore, we intend investing in Housing

Estates in a Reserve Area in your State capital, while

I will compensate you with 15% of the total amount.

Please get back to me quickly, if you are credible

enough to handle this, as I am trying to build my hope

on trust as an assistant whom would not want to be

treated with contempt, but decency and full sincerity,

since too, one would be rewarded in this veryconfidential arrangement.


Finally, if you have willingly accepted this plea for

a worthwhile assistance, I believe the relationship

will develop into a very cordial and interpersonal

one, anchored on a solid rock of fidelity, trust,

honest and reliability.  My co-ordinate will assist

you in receiving the funds in Ghana and travel with

you to your country to see things himself.  I want to

assure you that this arrangement is 100% risk-free, as

long as it is very secret and confidential by you, as

we are quite perfect in this with a lot of

experiences.  Please, I will be much delighted to hear

from you very quickly, as time is no longer on ourside.


I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,


Mrs.Mariam Abacha. only