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The Ag Business Advisor

The Ag Business Advisor is a menu driven Microsoft Excel program which allows prospective CSU-Fresno Ag Business Program entrants or those in residence to plan their program. It also allows other individuals to gain an idea of the offering and requirements for graduation at CSU Fresno by browsing the on line help files.

What Does Advisor Do?

Advisor allows individuals to chart progress, or by entering data regarding current progress in the program to evaluate their progress against University requirements

How Do I Use Advisor?

Advisor is easy to use. It simulates CSU-Fresno's Ag Business department's Graduation Checklist, which outlines courses students must take in order to graduate. As the checklist is completed, Advisor calculates student's progress towards graduation, including tallying of credits taken in residence, upper division credits, credits in the General Education program and all of the nasty statistical nitty gritty which must be evaluated.

Advisor transfers all information to the Graduation Checklist. This form is not needed until a student is ready to graduate (last semester), but must be approved by a student's advisor and the Department Chair. Advisor generates the form automatically. No entries are necessary.


A complete help system is on line, so a student or prospective entrant may search and evaluate the catalog offering on line. This is great for the individual who hates to paw through a catalog. There are a ton of courses potentially fulfilling graduation requirements within the major, the College of Agriculture's Foundation requirements and the University's Core and Breadth requirements. Advisor describes them all.

How Do I Get It?

Download the program from this site. It is packaged in a self extracting zip file and contains four files, three of which are necessary if you use the help system. The program will extract to c:\program files\advisor unless you change the drive and path. If you wish to unpack to a floppy, change the default extract path to a:\

Advisor2000 Now Available!

{New on the Site} Available in the same easy to use format as Advisor, Advisor2000 incorporates the 2000-2001 catalog requirements and an online hypertext file. This program should only be used for those who entered CSU-Fresno in 2000 or plan on entering after this year. Earlier entrants should use Advisor. General Education requirements have changed under the 2000-2001 catalog and these are included in Advisor2000. Core, Breadth and Capstone have been replaced by Foundation,Breadth, Integration and Multicultural/International requirements. Advisor2000 handles them!

Down Load the Program

The Advisor Download Download Advisor.EXE (340 KB)

The Advisor2000 Download Download Advisor2000.EXE (512 KB)

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