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This is a miscellaneous set of programs I will be adding to from time-to-time. It is kind of a pot pourri' of programs; some you may have seen before and others, maybe not for a long time or ever. Most are Excel programs, but I have included a few for the Quattro users, since I cut my teeth with Lotus and Quattro. I know some of you are still using it.

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What Programs are Available?

A variety of programs exist. Optimization is one of my favorite things now, so I have included a few, beginning and advanced linear programming routines, using Solver. Cash flow budgeting is a topic, as is machine cost analysis. I wrote a program a few years ago which calculates fuel useage, undoubtedly a topic of interest when fuel costs are high.

How Do I Use Them?

Except when stated otherwise, all programs are written in Excel. No, I do not convert them. These routines do not have help routines, but are fairly self explanatory.

Help is Not Available for These Routines!

A few of my more elaborate routines have help routines with them. Except when stated, none of these do.

How Do I Obtain Programs?

Download the program from this site. All are packaged in a self extracting zip file and usually contain only one file, unless a help file is attached. The program will extract to c:\program files\(name of file)unless you change the drive and path. If you wish to unpack to a floppy, change the default extract path to a:\

Enterprise Cost Budgets

One of the first places we have to start in any farming operation is with cost of production. Nothing beats generating your own, but in lieu of that, for synthesized cost of production data on basic crops in California, turn to the University of California, Davis budget generator program.

Evaluating an Investment

New to the SiteSome investment opportunites need to combine cost of production with a more sophisticated technique. I have developed two programs, CowInvest and Vine, which can provide assistance in evaluating longer term investments. They combine cost of production with Net Present Value to allow evaluation of longer term investments. Vine can be used to evaluate a vineyard investment for up to a 10 year period. CowInvest can be used to evaluate a beef cow purchase. It also contains a cost-of-production template which may be used as a stand alone module. Both of these programs are in self extracting zip files. Each will be unpacked in its specified folder in c:\Program Files\ unless you indicate other wise when you double click the program after down loading. A documentation file is included with Vine.

Analyzing Machine Costs

New to the SiteOne of the hottest topics now relates to fuel costs and how they might affect cost of production. I have written a program, MachCost which allows estimation of varying costs for fuel, repairs and other items. Many tractor-implement combinations may be tested as well as self propelled machines. A documentation file is included.

Basic Project Planning

New to the SiteOne of the problems confronting agriculturalists is the need to "multi-task", that is to complete more than one job during a given time period. I have written an Excel routine, TimeLine which illustrates basic project planning with precedent tasks and potential bottlenecks. Documentation is not included.

Down Loading Routines and Programs

The Cow Investment Analyzer Download Download CowInvest.xls (156 KB)

The Vineyard Evaluation Download Download Vine.exe (77 KB)

Vine Without Documentation

Vineyard Cost Analyzer XLS File Download Vine.xls (118 KB)

Machine Cost Analyzer Download Download MachCost.exe (114 KB)

Basic Project Planner Download Download TimeLine.exe (53 KB)

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