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Outlook, Charts and Data

Annual outlook for California's beef, dairy, feed grains and forage outlook is now included in PDF files. Look for these data and papers to be updated at least once annually. Construction at this web page is ongoing. The 2000 19th Annual Management Conference Outlook presentations are now on line.

Futures Trading Programs and Data

Many sites exist touting their ability to make you rich trading futures. Take it from an old trader. It takes time, patience, study and discipline to be successful. Start your program by paper trading. This site includes an evaluation of some of the best sites on the web as well as a program I have written to help you through paper trading. It allows you to track trades, or to use the program in a workshop or club setting to learn trading with a group of peers. It has an extensive help file which should be sufficient to understand the program set up and operation. Paper trade first and do it for several years! Several data files from very volatile periods in the history of grains and livestock are also included. New charts and data sets will be added from time to time.

A futures trading tutorial is now on line .

The Ag Business Advisor

This program was written for young and old folks anticipating attending CSU-Fresno or for those already enrolled who wish to track their progress in Ag Business. Look for updates from time to time. Advisor2000 has just been posted for those of you looking to enter CSU-Fresno and are subject to the 2000-2001 university catalog.

Miscellaneous Business Programs

This is an assortment of programs I have found to be useful over the years. Initially, I am including a few of my favorite programs which will allow you to organize your time, work and resources more efficiently. Look for new routines from time to time. Recently included are programs to evaluate investment and a new machine cost analyzer, this one may be helpful with the high fuel costs growers are facing in 2001.

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