Electrochemistry & Nanomaterials Laboratory

Dr. Jai-Pil Choi
Professor (2018 - )
Department of Chemistry
California State University, Fresno

Associate Professor, California State University, Fresno (2013-2018)
Assitant Professor, California State University, Fresno (2007-2013)
NSF-STC Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of North Carolina - CH, Chapel Hill, NC (2004-2007)
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX (2003)
M.S., Wichita State University, Wichita, KS (1999)
B.S. Kon Kuk University, Seoul, Korea (1992)

Welcome to the Electrochemistry and Nanomaterials Laboratory (ENL) at California State University, Fresno!

The research interests of ENL include the synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of metallic nanomaterials, which can be utilized for electrocatalysts and sensing materials. Our approaches are engaged in the interface of electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, and materials science, in order to understand the fundamental characteristics of nanomaterials and to design a wide variety of their applications. Further information on our research can be found here.

This site is regularly updated with news and recent research accomplishments.

Research Opportunity Available!

The Choi research group welcomes all undergraduate and graduate students who want to pursue their research careers at ENL.
For further information, contact Dr. Choi.


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