History/Women's Studies 101:

 U.S. Women's History

CSU Fresno, Spring 2004:  Tuesday/Thursday 2-3:15 & 3:30-4:45 p.m.

Professor Jill Fields, Department of History, Social Sciences 216, 559-278-5414


Course Description






Course Description:

This course is a survey of women’s history in the United States from the colonial period to the present. Topics include women of American Indian, European and African descent from the pre-national through modern periods, women’s participation in the American Revolution and Early Republic, the effects of industrialization on the economic power and social prestige of women in the ante-bellum era, the development and effects of "separate spheres" for men and women, women and nineteenth-century reform movements (e.g., moral reform, abolition, female suffrage, temperance, dress reform, education), women in the Progressive Era, women and immigration, twentieth-century feminism and gender politics, women and war, conservative women, gender and popular culture, and contemporary women’s issues. The course will also address debates within the field of women’s history, especially those regarding differences and diversity among women, and consider questions that the specialized study of women raises within the discipline of history. These questions include how and why women were excluded as subjects of historical inquiry and how the inclusion of women’s history changes perspectives of United States history as a whole.

Faith Ringgold, Tar Beach, 2, 1990



2/5 Library research workshop: meet in Electronic Classroom, Madden Library

2-3:15 section meet in Electronic Classroom 2204

3:30-4:45 section meet in Electronic Classroom 2041