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Officers for an Organization

Can you tell me what Officers (president, secretary, etc.) make up a Tenant's Organization/Association? Thank you. Marlene

You should get a copy of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised and read the chapters on writing bylaws (there is a general model you could use as a base for writing yours).

The degree of formality should match the nature and purpose of your organization. If it is primarily a social body, then it can be quite informal. On the other hand, if it is a group that makes decisions on the color people can paint their living rooms, what flowers they can plant, and on dues or other assessments, then it needs to be much more "legal" and formal in its framework.

Minimally, an organization needs a president (or chair or head, by whatever name) and a secretary (to handle various records and correspondence functions, including financial in some organizations). In simple organizations, much work can be done effectively by creating and using temporary committees for particular tasks.

Depending on what your organization is designed to do, other officers become sensible. If it handles money, a treasurer is a good idea, essential if it handles a lot of money. If it puts on social functions frequently, then maybe a social chairman would be a good officer to build into the bylaws.

Finally, if your organization is a legal entity that has some regulatory powers over the tenants as compared to more social objectives, then I think consulting an attorney to help you set yourselves up is almost essential. The laws vary in different states and your organization would want to and must be consistent with them.

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