COMM 100:

Fall 2010 California State University, Fresno

Dr. John A. Cagle

Office Hours: MWF 9:30-11:00
Office: MUSIC-189 Phone: 278-5103


I have prepared the following information to give you a general idea of the type of course you have wandered into. Look this information over. If you have any questions, please ask me.


THEORIES OF HUMAN COMMUNICATION. Survey of major theories of human communication, philosophical issues, and applications; theories include interpersonal, group, organizational, intercultural, linguistic, and persuasion.


A homepage for Cagle's COMM 100 course is found at on the Internet. You can access this site using Firefox or Safari from home or in any university computer lab.  Course materials will also be placed in the University's Blackboard [more later on accessing this resource]. 

All students must have a university computer account, which is free at Fresno State (go to to set up an account if you do not have one). These accounts will enable Blackboard, e-mail, and also web accounts.


Wood, Julia T.  (2004).  Communication theories in action (3rd ed.). Canada:  Wadsworth.

Hacker, Diana.  A pocket style manual.  4th ed.  Boston:  Bedford/St. Martins, 2004.

Software:  Papers and PowerPoint assignments must be output as Microsoft Office formats (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, etc.) 

All students must have a CSUF email account and know how to use it.

Research in Library books and periodicals and on the Internet.  See


There will be one midterm examination and a final examination. These examinations will be essay in format. Please bring a blue book (or two) for in class examinations.


Two papers on topics of interest in communication theory are required. These papers should be a thinkpiece based upon library research; seek out seminal books and articles. The first paper is due Wednesday, October 13th, and the second paper is Wednesday, December 8th.  Each paper can be on a theorist or theory of your choice.  Each paper should be in the neighborhood of 5-7 typed pages. For all reports and papers written for this course, papers must be written in proper form and you must use either APA or MLA documentation style.  Further specifications and guidelines are to be found on  Each paper is a serious research assignment, so get started now.


A report on articles/theorists/topics will be assigned to small teams of students as we go along; use the best research sources you can find to understand the theorist or topic assigned.. Each report is essentially an oral precis of the material, supplemented by a 1-2 page handout. The secretary will assist you in duplication, but not in typing. On each handout you must put your name and a complete & accurate bibliographical citation for the source(s) of the report. (Cite the original source for reprints.) This semester all reports will  be placed on the course website for everyone to use. 

From time to time, small writing assignments will be given to facilitate learning how to write in a scholarly manner using research materials and APA and MLA documentation styles.


Attendance and class participation are required. More than three absences will result in lowering the course grade, and more than five absences will result in a grade of U. Your professor may modify or adjust these penalties for good reasons. Legitimate absences (such as a forensics trip) must be arranged for in advance.