As an evolutionary geneticist (my CV...), I am intrigued by the diversity evident in the world around us. My research interests generally involve identifying changes in DNA sequence and understanding what forces promote the maintenance of those novel sequence variants. My recent work (my publications...) using the nematode Caenorhabditis briggsae has focused on understanding the genetic and molecular basis for a decrease in fitness and delayed development evident in certain inter-strain hybrids (my research...). This research program relates particularly to the formation of species, as I explain in this brief YouTube video.

The Ross Lab in 2018
L-R: Chris, Megan, Sukhmeet, Brandon, Kevin, Enrique, Simran

Aside from having an intellectual inclination toward evolutionary genetics and genomics, I'm also passionate about teaching and mentoring, with particular interests in ensuring that my trainees hone "core" and "ancillary" scientific skills, such as critical thinking & scientific methodology, various forms of written and oral communication, and research ethics. I am always happy to speak to motivated individuals who are interested in research training in molecular biology and genetics in my laboratory (My contact information...)

If you would like to inquire about the possibility of joining the Ross Lab as an undergraduate or as a Masters student (in Biotechnology or Biology), then please send at least the following materials to Dr. Ross: