Associate Professor of Virology

Department of Biology

College of Science and Mathematics

California State University, Fresno

2555 East San Ramon Avenue M/S SB73

Fresno, CA  93740-8034

Lab Location: Science I 107

Office Location: Science I 114B

  1. (559)278-5802 (Office)

(559) 278-4044 (Lab)

  1. (559)278-3963 Fax


Research Interests

The main interest of my lab is in the study of host-pathogen interactions and viral pathogenesis from the perspective of a cell and molecular biologist.  More specifically, the focus of my laboratory is on the role of tunneling nanotubes, a novel mechanism of functional connectivity between cells, in the spreading of viruses, misfolded protein aggregates (leading to neurodegenerative diseases), as well as the role they may play in the proliferation and persistence of cancer.  My lab is currently using techniques from bioinformatics, proteomics, structural biology, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, cell biology, and virology to help uncover these underlying mechanisms.

Karine Gousset, Ph.D.

TNT network between CAD cells.  3D image from NCB Cover March 2009.  Picture acquired by Karine Gousset, Zurzolo Lab, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France.