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Course Summaries and Past Courses

Crim 2: Administration of Justice

"Purpose, function and history of agencies dealing with the administration of justice; survey of criminal procedures; organization of law enforcement agencies at federal, state, and local levels; organization and function of courts; probation and parole and pardons; penology and prison administration; purpose and function of victim services."** 

Crim 10: Crime, Justice and Society

"An introduction to the concept of crime, emphasizing its contextual foundations as the product of evolving criminal laws and the institutions that shape them. A survey of the methodological approaches used to measure and study crime. Patterns of crime and victimization in relation to their impact on society’s response in its quest for justice."** 

Crim 100: Criminology

"Sociological, biological, psychological theories of crime causation; crime measurement; schools of criminology; crime typologies."**

Crim 101: Violence in America

"Introduces students to types of crime and violence in America within a sociological, cultural, economic, and political context. Emphasis on methodological approaches to crime measurement. Looks at how crime and violence impacts individuals and their environment."** 

Crim 102: Criminal Justice Organization and Management

"Fundamental of organization/management theory, principles and processes relating to the operation and function of the criminal justice system[.]"**                                                             

Crim 109: Comparative Systems of Criminal Justice

"Study of selected criminal justice systems in other jurisdictions; examination of the organization; administration and operations of criminal justice agencies in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia."**

Crim 160 TH: Serial Crimes (restricted enrollment)

An Honors Program topics course  examining the predatory nature of certain varieties of serial and series criminals, their typologies, psychologies, capture methods and trials.

Crim 120: Juvenile Delinquency

"The problem of juvenile delinquency; portrait of delinquency; causal factors; agencies of justice; treatment process; programs for control and prevention."**

PAX 121: War, Warfare, and Terrorism (PAX program discontinued)

"War, Warfare and Terrorism is a primmer in war and warfare, and the tactics, strategies and expected outcomes of violent conflict. The course is designed to familiarize students with nomenclature, practices and theories of war and warfare in domestic and international scope, and the beginnings, prosecution, duration and endgames of violent conflict and post-conflict consequences."**

Graduate Courses:

Crim 202: Law and the Criminal Justice System

"The nature and philosophy of law; the common law tradition and our judicial system; the role of legislation and rules of statutory interpretation; Constitutional Law concepts and their applications in the Criminal Justice System and our society."

Crim 203: Criminal Justice Systems

Understanding the structures and systems of Criminal Justice in a cognitive sense does not infer that one can actually survive as a leader within it.  Crim 203 is designed to serve 2 purposes: first, the student will develop a better understanding of how, precisely, the Criminal Justice system functions as a social engine; and second, Crim 203 will engage the student in problem-solving at management and executive policy-making levels, encouraging expansion of thought by focusing on contemporary issues in CJ operations and management.

Crim 210/NSS 210: International Intelligence

"Crim 270T: International Intelligence is a graduate course in which it is intended that the student acquire an understanding how intelligence systems coordinate and cooperate with one another across international boundaries to fight crime, interdict terror, and facilitate military goals and objectives."**

Crim 217/NSS 217: Radical Ideologies

"Crim 217: Radical Ideologies is a graduate course intended for those enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security. It is anticipated that the student shall acquire an understanding how ordinary men can acquire extraordinary philosophies that disrupt governance, derail the status quo, and often erupt into violent conflict."**

Crim 218/NSS 218: Domestic Intelligence in a Liberal Democracy (on campus enrollment) / a-k-a The Intelligence Function (restricted enrollment - government employees only)

"Crim 218: Domestic Intelligence in a Liberal Democracy is a graduate course in which it is intended that the student acquire an understanding how the acquisition, analysis and dissemination of information to generate criminal intelligence can be facilitated in a free society."**


*Course schedule is subject to change without notice or modification to this site

** Quoted with permission from California State University publications


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