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Spring '17 class Briefcase

Math 75

-2.3 slides

-2.5 slides

2.5 homework

4.2 slides



Math 76

-6.3 slides

-6.4 slides

-6-5 slides

-6-6 slides

-8.4 slides

-8.6 slides










Some of my interests:


-Faculty Seminar Talk - Spring '16

Philosophy of Mathematics Education

Philosophy of Mathematics and Its Logic: Introduction
Stewart Shapiro

-Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal - ed. by Paul Ernest





-Washington Colony Middle School Activity

-Making it Happen Conference 2016

-Second Annual FLOCK Summer Institute -2016

-MTEP Atlanta Conference - 2016 Talk



CSM Incoming Freshmen Research in Mathematics Education Talk - F'16


Department of Mathematics Research Interests at Fresno State

CSM Faculty Lounge - October 7, 2016


Math 139 Scaling Activity


Math 75 Final review







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