Having a hard time picking a topic for a


I love culture speeches because they show me a snapshot of my students. There are several ways to decide what you should talk about - pretend there is a fire in your home. You have a limited amount of time and can only grab three or four things. What would you grab? Why did you choose those things? How are they important to you? Another way to help you focus on a topic is to pretend I'm coming to visit you. What would you show me about your world? What would you want me to see?

Remember culture is NOT tied to ethnicity!! You can talk about your ethnicity IF it is important you. If it isn't part of your daily life - then skip it. Do something that matters to you!! Also remember this isn't something that ONLY you do, it is something that is shared. Culture loosely defined includes norms or a language or music or food or clothing but no matter how you slice it - it is not a SOLO event. There should be some connection with others.

IDEAS Other students have used....

1.      Christmas stockings made by her grandmother

2.      Championship trophy from high school basketball game

3.      Hmong New Year costume

4.      Fudge and goodies the family makes every Christmas

5.      Family Bible

6.      Lucky baseball mitt

7.      Family pictures

8.      Cell phone

9.      First toe shoes

10.    Madden Playstation game

11.    Son's Soccer uniform

12.    Pregnant onion - grandmother taught him to garden

13.    Breakdancing

14.    Saddle

15.    Rosary

16.    Pottery from Mexico

17.    Dr. Seuss books

18.    Favorite stuffed animal (talked about security and friendship)

19.    Football jersey

20.    Snowboard

21.    Waterpolo parka

22.    Work uniform (Savemart)

23.    Photo of an uncle who inspired his community and her!

24.    Fiddle and country (hillbilly) clothes :)

25.    Casino chips and photos of Reno (his hometown)

26.    Photo of a baby girl (his niece and how she has changed his life)

27.    Scripts (drama student)

28.    Music & pictures of bullfights in Portugal

29.    Vegetarian food pyramid

30.    FFA vest

31.    Art work done by her!

32.    Magazines on motorcycles

33.    Swim Cap (she was on the swim team)

34.    Gym card (she loved to work out)

35     Rope, hat and spurs (a real live cowboy!)

36.    Video of him playing piano (wonderful)

37.    Wedding memory box

38.    Baseball mitt

39.    Played his guitar

40.    Music and Sweet Bread (delicious!)

41.    Beautician scissors and poster of hair cuts

42.    CD case full of music

43.    Red Belt (Karate)

44.    HOME MADE Tortillas (they were still warm!)

45.    Egg rolls (they smelled as good as they tasted)

46.    Flag from his country

47.    Oakland Raider stuff

48.    Dance costumes

49.    Fraternity plaque

50.    Tennis racquet