The First International Workshop on Pervasive Computing Systems and Infrastructures (PCSI)
Held in conjunction with TridentCom 2009
Washington DC, USA, April 2009

Program of PCSI 2009

April 6 (Monday)

Session 1   08:30 ~ 10:00
PCSI (I)  
  Chair: Hui Chen (Virginia State University, USA)  
1 Email From The Vineyard Christine Jardak, Christine Jardak, Krisakorn Rerkrai, Aleksandar Kovacevic, Janne Riihij¨arvi and Petri M¨ah¨onen ( RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
2 A Testbed for Mobile Social Computing, Ahmed Alazzawe, Anis Alazzawe, Duminda Wijesekera (George Mason University, USA) Ram Dantu (University of North Texas, USA)
3 MRL-CC: A Novel Cooperative Communication Protocol for QoS Provisioning in Wireless Sensor Networks, Xuedong Liang, Min Chen (University of British Columbia, Canada) Yang Xiao (University of Alabama, USA), Ilangko Balasingham (Rikshospitalet University Hospital, Norway) Victor Leung (University of British Columbia, Canada)
4 A Fair MAC Scheme for EDCA based Wireless Networks, Rong He, Xuming Fang (Southwest Jiaotong University, China

Session 2   10:30 ~ 12:00

  Chair: Xuedong Liang (University of British Columbia, Canada)  
The DORII Project Test Bed: Distributed eScience Applications at Work, Davide Adami (University of Pisa/University of Genoa Research Units, Italy), Alexey Cheptsov (University of Stuttgart, Germany), Franco Davoli (University of Pisa/University of Genoa Researc Units, Italy) Ioannis Liabotis (GRNET, Greece) Roberto Pugliese (ELETTRA, Italy) Anastasios Zafeiropoulos(GRNET, Greece)
2 Fractional Frequency Reuse Schemes and Performance Evaluation for OFDMA Multi-hop Cellular Networks, Yue Zhao, Xuming Fang, Xiaopeng Hu, Zhengguang Zhao, Yan Long (Southwest Jiaotong University, China)
3 Multi-Capacities Ambulance Location Model, Dah-Minh Shiah (Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan) Shu-Wen Chen (Central Taiwan University of Sciences and Technology, Taiwan)
4 Collaborative Defense as a Pervasive Service: Architectural Insights and Validation Methodologies of a Trial Deployment, Eve M. Schooler, Carl Livadas, Joohwan Kim, Prashant Gandhi, Pablo Passera, Jaideep Chandrashekar, Steve Orrin (Corporate Technology Group Intel Corporation, USA) Martin Koyabe, Fadiali El-Moussa, Gogobadaa Dabibi (Centre for Information Security & Systems Research British Telecom, United Kingdom)