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(last updated on 9/15/2017)

2017 group photo

Members of the Strongly Correlated Electron Laboratory at California State University-Fresno (photo taken on 5/25/2017). From left to right: Dr. Pei-Chun Ho, Shoji Hishida, Patrick Kelly, Patrick Talbot, and Jesus Velasquez.

Various group activities

Research projects provide training to undergraduate and MS-program students to gain hands-on experience and systematic approaches to solving scientific problems at the early stage of their academic life.

  • The undergraduate Ryan Fukuda prepared sample for muSR measurements at TRUIMF by varnishing single crystals of Pr0.75Nd0.25 Os4Sb12 on a silver plate.
  • The undergraduate Maya Castraw de la Torre prepared solvents for nanoparticle synthesis at Strongly Correlated Electron Laboratory.
  • Undergraduates Nick Soliz (front) and Ryan Fukuda worked on single crystal growth of the filled skutterudite compounds with the PI at a collaborator's sample preparation facility.
  • The PI Pei-Chun Ho and three undergraduates Felipe Vargas, Ryan Fukuda, and Taylor McCullough-Hunter attended 2014 APS March Meeting.
  • Students from the PI's research group assisted kids and parents performing demonstration kits in the "Hands-On Fun with Physics" program. Undergraduate Maya Castrow de la Torre (front) assisted in the pressure demo by flipping a half-filled water cup. Undergraduate Taylor McCullough-Hunter (back) showed a periscope.