The Amaz!ng Meeting 2014

Call for Papers:

In the tradition that began with the first Amazing Meeting more than ten years ago, the JREF is once again issuing a call for papers to those who would like to share their work and accomplishments at the 2014 Amazing Meeting, July 10-13, in Las Vegas.

Anyone may submit a request to present a paper. If your proposal is accepted you will be allotted 10 to 15 minutes for your presentation and an additional 5 minutes for questions and comments from the audience. Invitations to present will be giving to approximately six proposals. If your proposal is selected for further consideration, a written article and draft of your presentation slides will be required for final consideration. Please see the process of selection schedule below for further details.

Please email your completed proposal form to:

Prof. Ray Hall at

or regular mail:

Department of Physics
California State University, Fresno
2345 E. San Ramon Ave. M/S MH 037

Fresno, CA 93740-8031


Fax: 559 278 7747


Invitations will be made according to the following schedule:


Deadline for proposal submission: May 19, 2014

Initial selection completed: request for further documentation: May 27

Deadline for written article and draft presentation: June 3

Final selection completed: Invitations sent out: June 10


If your proposal makes it through the initial selection, we will request from you a written paper and a draft of your power point slides (if any). The submitted paper should be at the level of a magazine article (like that of Skeptic Magazine or Skeptical Inquirer) or a journal article appropriate for your professional discipline.

Get your proposal form here: TAM2014 Proposal [MS Word format][PDF format]

Note: all invited Sunday Paper presenters are responsible to pay for their own attendance including registration. JREF greatly appreciates your volunteer participation, but unfortunately cannot fund any part of your travel, lodging, or conference registration.

Relevant topics for papers include (but are not limited to): analysis of questionable claims, rational examination of claimed paranormal phenomena, ideas in critical thinking education, psychology of belief, or any of the usual topics found in Mr. Randi's commentaries or that concern the JREF mission. Check out the following complete list of papers presented at the previous Amazing Meetings to get an idea of the kinds of topics that have been granted invitations.


TAM 2013:


Purpose Driven Life:

A Psychiatristís Evolutionary Perspective on Human Motivation
Dr. Ralph Lewis

Accessible Skepticism through Comics
Jeffrey Weston

The Marblehead UFO:  What You Can Find from Your Armchair
Andrew Hansford

And Thatís Why Theyíre Going to Hell:

Teaching Literature in the Creationist Classroom
Eve Siebert, Ph.D

The Great Global Debate
Shane Greenup

Friends of Science in Medicine: Standing up for Science in Australia
Joanne Benhamu BN, RN

TAM 2012:


Quackery no longer just refers to ducks:

The growing prevalence of CAM in veterinary medicine.

Martha Keller, DVM, MS

Veterinarian, St. Petersburg, FL and organizer for the Pinellas County Skeptics


Scientific Deception: The Billy Meier Metal Samples

Ivan Alvarado, PhD

The Independent Investigations Group


How to avoid getting sued for Libel

Dave Gamble

Information Consultant


SLAPP writs, Barbara Streisand and the Skeptical Movement

Eran Segev

President of Australian Skeptics Inc


The (F)utility of Post-Conviction Polygraph

Jeffrey Rosky

Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida


Assessing Intelligent Design from a Communications Perspective

Christine M. Shellska, MCS

Graduate Student, Department of Communication and Culture, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Calgary


TAM 9 (2011):


Skepticism 101: Things Every Skeptic Should Know

David Richards

The Independent Investigations Group


Skepticism and Investing - Guaranteed Mutual Fund

Phil Ferguson, and President of Polaris Financial Planning


The Promotion of Non-Science-Based Healthcare

by Chiropractors in the City of Los Angeles

William M. London

Professor of Health Science, California State University, Los Angeles


The Media Isn't Calling Your Skeptics Group, and It's Your Fault

Michael Hartwell

Reporter with the Sentinel & Enterprise daily newspaper in Massachusetts, Young, Hip and Conservative, a Blog


Guerilla Skepticism in Wikipedia

Susan Gerbic

The Independent Investigations Group


Hear So They Will Listen: Using Rogerian Argumentation

to Discuss Supernatural and Paranormal Claims

Dylan Keenberg

Graduate Student, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology


Emotions Aren't the Enemy

Ashley F. Miller

Writer, Filmmaker,


TAM 8 (2010):


Independent Investigations Group v. the California Board of Registered Nurses (CBRN)

Brian Hart

The Independent Investigations Group


Fallacies and Falsehoods at the 2009 Cancer Control Society Convention

William M. London

Professor of Health Science, California State University, Los Angeles


Skepticism, Humor, and Going Viral: What We Can Learn from Boobquake

Jennifer McCreight

Biologist and Writer of the Blag Hag blog


Skepticism as a Gateway to Scientific Literacy

Barbara A. Drescher

Dept. of Psychology, California State University, Northridge


The Virgin of Guadalupe: A Positive Take

Brian Dunning

Skeptoid Podcast Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena


Confessions of a Skeptical Advertising Man:

How to "sell" critical thinking to friends and associates

Steve Cuno

RESPONSE Agency, Inc


Frankenfoods: Cornerstones of the Next Green Revolution

Kevin M. Folta

Associate Professor, Horticultural Sciences Dept. University of Florida


A Case Study of Researching a Psychic: Examining Sylvia Browne's History

Ryan Shaffer

Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at Stony Brook University



TAM 7 (2009):


Teaching Critical Thinking in a Therapeutic Setting

Don Riefler

Jessie Levering Cary Home for Children

Kids Thinking Critically


Patently Ridiculous: The Perfect Sommelier

David Green

Senior Patent Examiner, Canadian Intellectual Property Office


Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt: The Pillars of Justification for Cyber Security

Adam Slagell

National Center for Supercomputing Applications

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The Constructive Skeptic: Rebranding Skepticism at the Grassroots Level

Steve Cuno

RESPONSE Agency, Inc


Solving: The Missing Cosmonauts

Brian Dunning

Skeptoid Podcast Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena


How are we doing?: Attracting and Keeping Visitors to Skeptic Web Sites

Christian Walters & Tim Farley


TAM 6 (2008):


Niche Pseudoscience: Hidden Bastions of Thriving, Unchallenged Irrationality

Steve Cuno

RESPONSE Agency, Inc


The Most Popular Science Video in the World -

How to Make Your Message Famous

Tracy King

Managing Director- February Marketing


Artificial Creatures, Real Evolution

Lee Graham

3D Virtual Creature Evolution:


The Psychology of Anomalous Experiences

Christopher C. French

Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit and Perrott-Warrick Researcher, Department of Psychology, Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London


Building Internet Tools for Skeptics: Weapons for the War on Woo

Tim Farley



The Making of "The Skeptologists"

Brian Dunning

Executive Producer, The Skeptologists, Host/Producer, Skeptoid



TAM 5 (2007):


A Teaching Pigs to Sing?

A Skeptic Tries to Introduce Critical Thinking to the Public!

Harriet Hall, M.D.

Associate Editor of The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine. Columnist for Skeptic Magazine


Cracking the Language Code - Uncovering Secret Messages You Didn't Know You Were Sending

Ginger Switzer

Nurse Practitioner, Owner EHPEC Employee Health


Patenting Perpetual Motion - A Field Guide for the Average Skeptic

David Green

Senior Patent Examiner, Canadian Intellectual Property Office


Digital Darwinian Evolution Produces Irreducible Complexity

Lee Graham

PhD candidate, Evolutionary Computing, Carleton University


How to Be a C-List Internet Celebrity in Just 30 Days:

Finding an Audience Online

Rebecca Watson

Founder and Director of Skepchicks Ltd.


The West Australian Skeptics Awards for Young Critical Writers

Kylie L. Sturgess

English teacher, Methodist Ladies' College, Western Australia


It's Only Natural - Exposing the Naturalistic Fallacy

Steven Novella, MD

Host of The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, President of the New England Skeptical Society, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Yale University School of Medicine


Decoding the Media Mythmakers

Benjamin Radford

Author, Investigator, and Managing Editor of the Skeptical Inquirer Magazine



TAM 4 (2006):


A Plague of Skepticism: Start Your Own Investigations Group!

James Underdown

Executive Director, Center for Inquiry/

Founder, Independent Investigations Group


Science, Race and Politics

Ann M Palkovich

Associate Prof. of Anthropology, George Mason University


 The Supernatural and the Movies

David Richards

 Skeptical Investigator, Independent Investigations Group, CFI West


The Sexy Skeptic: Marketing Critical Thinking for a New Generation

Larisa Beckwith

Clinical Psychologist and Master's in Public Health (Candidate)


A Skeptical View of Cholesterol Phobia

Marshall E. Deutsch

Clinical Chemist, Inventor


The 1994 Dietary Supplements Health Education Act (DSHEA)

Darren McBride

CEO, Highly Reliable Systems


Stopping Kaz - One Skeptic's Experience

Using the Internet to Debunk a Religious Con-artist

Robert Lancaster

Skeptical Investigator,


The Bible Code: Data Mining for God

David E. Thomas

Physicist, President of New Mexicans for Science and Reason


In Close Encounters, We Mostly See Ourselves

Frederick V. Malmstrom

U.S. Air Force Academy


The Stupendous, Spectacular Failure of Psychic Detectives

Benjamin Radford

Investigator, Skeptical Inquirer columnist


Tuning Your Technological BS Detector

Daniel Samber

Staff Scientist, Mount Sinai School of Medicine


The Failure of Paranormal Methods to Predict Natural Disasters

Ray Beiersdorfer

Professor of Geology, Youngstown State University of Ohio


TAM 3 (2005):


Teaching Critical Thinking in the Physical Sciences
Liam McDaid

Sacramento City College A Resource for
Critical Thinking about Questionable Psychological Domains

Curt Burgess

Department of Psychology, UC Riverside

Fighting Fideism
Carlos Bertha

Department of Philosophy, United States Air Force Academy

IIG Special Investigation: Carla Baron, Psychic Detective?

Sherri Andrews and Brian Hart

Independent Investigations Group, CFI- West

Legalized Child Abuse: Faith Healers and Child Deaths
Seth Asser

Hasbro Children's Hospital

Confessions of a Monkey Boy
David B. Schlosser

Analects ink

TAM 2 (2004):


The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics:

Exposing Misconceptions Spread by Creationists

Lt. Col. Matt Morgan

United States Air Force Academy


Demarcation: Is there a Sharp Line between Science and Pseudoscience?

Prof. Raymond Hall

Dept. of Physics, California State University, Fresno


Skepticism and the Media: Making Your Voice Heard

David Ewalt


TAM 1 (2003):


The Age of the Earth

Prof. Ray Hall

Dept. of Physics, California State University, Fresno


Educating College Students about Skepticism

Prof. Charles Wynn

Dept. of Physical Science, Eastern Connecticut State University


The JREF Forum

Ms. Maira Benjamin


They See Dead People- Or Do They?

Mr. Jim Underdown

Executive Director, Center for Inquiry/

Founder, Independent Investigations Group


The Watson Card Problem

Prof. Jeff Corey

President, New York Area Skeptics (NYASk)


An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Penta Water.

Mr. Greg Winslow

Specialty Sensor Technologies Inc


Astronomy - The Ultimate Magic Show

Prof. John Brown

Astronomer Royal for Scotland


Skeptics and Religion

Prof. Taner Edis

Dept. of Physics, Truman State University