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Economics 101

History of Economic Thought


   Family Tree of Economists


        Guidelines and Schedule for Research and Class Presentation

        Selected Readings in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology

        Selected Online Books

        Periodical Titles under Economics available in the Madden  Library

        Key Concepts and Essay Questions for Exam 1

        Key Concepts and Essay  Questions for Exam 2,  


        Key Concepts for Exam 3

        Homework Problem 1,  Homework Problem 2

        Homework Problem 1 (Solution), Homework Problem 2 (Solution)

Intro 2-Ancient Economy 3-Dawn of Capitalism 4-Scientific Revolution 5-Originof PE
6-Adam Smith 7-Industrial Revolution 8-Malthus & Say 9-Ricardo 10-Mill
11-Marx 12-Intro-Neoclassicals 13-Jevons    


      Sample of Presentations by Students

                         "Quantity of Money," A Presentation by  Nathaniel Lovell

                        "Concept of Interest," A Presentation by Johanus Kristanto

                                "Dependency Theory," A Presentation by Tristan Bufete

                              "Population Theory," A Presentation by Klaudia Martinez and Thomas Webster