January 2015

COAST udergraduate research support grant awarded:

Robert Loyd
Hydrophone for studying plankton prdator-prey interaction

November 2014

Fresno State Faculty Sponsored Research Awards:

Nolan Avery
Characterizing the internal microbiome of bladderwort

Rayhan Kabir
Prey selectivity in bladderwort

August 2014

National Science Foundation grant awarded:
Suction feeding in small organisms:  outpacing the minimum-size limit

July 2014

7th World Congress of Biomechanics, Boston:

Ulrike Müller:  session organizer and chair, Swimming in Nature

April 2013

Nalong Mekdara
Graduate Dean's Medalist, Fresno State College of Science and Mathematics
Outstanding Graduate Student, Fresno State Department of Biology
University Graduate Medalist Nominee, Fresno State

May 2012

2012-2013 Fresno State Undergraduate Research Grant:

Adrienne Olaivar

Mathematical Model of Suction Feeding in the Carnivourous Plant Bladderwort

January 2012

Central California Research Symposium Awards:

Matthew Brown
Prey Capture in Bladderwort, the Fastest Known Suction Feeder
Outstanding Graduate Oral Presentation
awarded by the California State University, Fresno, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Darius Khorshidchehr
Three-dimensional Escape Trajectories in Larval Fish
Honorable Mention Poster Presentation

May 2011

Songita Choudhury:  President's Medalist

Ulrike Müller:  2012-2011 Provost's Award for Promising New Faculty


National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Grant awarded,
construction of facility begins.
Grant Number DBI-0821820