Physics Colloquium Schedule: Spring 2013

All talks are open to the public and will be held on the CSU-Fresno Campus in room 162 of McLane Hall and at a usual time of 3:00 P.M. unless otherwise noted. For more information about any of these presentations, please contact the Department of Physics at 559-278-2371. Here is the campus map of Fresno State. If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact the Department of Physics office at 559-278-2371. Requests should be one week in advance of scheduled event.

Date and Time:


Title of Talk:

Friday, Jan. 18th 3:004:00 PM

McLane 162

Dr. Mihail Chizhov

JINR and Sofia University

New type of vector particles and their searches on ATLAS

Friday, Jan. 25th 3:004:00 PM

McLane 162

Dr. Jennifer Church

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Transportation and Detection of Radioactive Material

Friday, Feb. 1th 3:004:00 PM

McLane 162

Dr. Mathew Povich

Cal Poly Pomona

Spatially-Resolved Studies of Star Formation in the Milky Way

Friday, Mar. 1th 3:004:00 PM

McLane 162

Don Williams

Fresno State

Earth/Sun Model

Friday, Mar. 8th 3:004:00 PM

McLane 162

Dr. Frank Rafie

Valley Medical Oncology, Pleasanton, CA & Radion Global, Cupertino, CA

Brachytherapy Physics of Breast Cancer

Friday, Mar. 15th 3:004:00 PM

McLane 162

Dr. Troy Carter


Taming turbulence in magnetized plasma: from fusion energy to black hole accretion disks

Friday, Apr. 5st

3:004:00 PM


McLane 162   

Dr. Eric Menke


Nanowire electrodeposition for advanced solar cells  

Friday, Apr. 12th 3:004:00 PM

McLane 162

Dr. Gerardo Diaz


Plasma Gasification of Biomass

Friday, Apr. 19th 3:004:00 PM

McLane 162

Nader Inan


Relating Aharonov-Bohm Effects and Gravitational Waves

Friday, May 10th 3:004:00 PM

McLane 162

Physics Students

CSU Fresno

Various Research Topics and Theses Defense


If you are interested in giving a presentation or would like more detailed information about the above, please contact:

Dr. Yongsheng Gao
CSUF Dept. of Physics
2345 E San Ramon Ave
M/S MH37
Fresno CA 93740-8031