NSci 116 Energy, Technology, and Society - 2003 Fall

Course syllabus: please read carefully.

Instructor: Dr. Ringwald
E-mail: ringwald[at]csufresno.edu and replace [at] with @

Phone: 278-8426
Also: 278-2371 (secretary)

Office hours: MTuWThF 1-2 (between August 25 and December 16).
Office: McLane Hall, Room 11, in the new Building J (or "J-wing").
This is across the outdoor "hall" from McLane 149, 151, and 161, near the Women's Room.

You don't need an appointment to come in during office hours. This is time set aside for you, when I will be in.

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any problems whatsoever in this course: or if you're doing well, and just want to talk about energy and the environment. It's in our interest, and it matters to me, that you do well!
Course Description (from the CSUFresno 2003-2004 General Catalog): (3 credits). Not open to engineering students. Prerequisites: NSCI 1A and 1B. Examines the role that chemistry, physics, and technology play in our society. Designed especially for students planning careers as elementary school teachers.

Course Prerequisites: Students are required to have completed Natural Science 1A and 1B in the Blended Liberal Studies program, or equivalent courses in introductory Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Earth Science. This background is required, since students will be expected to describe the science behind the technologies they will be presenting in class. Basic calculation and graphing skills are also required. If you do not have these prerequisites, please DROP NOW and make room for others who are trying to get into this class.

Class objectives:
(1) To serve as a "How Things Work" course, to help you and your future students understand the technology all around us.
(2) To serve as a "Science, Technology, and Society" course, to understand how these three subjects interact.
(3) To serve as a course on energy, including its generation and use, and of their effects on the environment.
(4) To promote student understanding of scientific method, and to practice critical thinking and reasoning skills, useful both in and outside of science.
(5) To provide experience with quantitative reasoning and graphics, again useful both in and outside of science.

Mathematics: This course will require the use of some algebra and basic geometry, but mainly a lot of arithmetic. We will also use scientific notation, units conversions, percentages, and proportions.

Course meeting times and location: Schedule 75329 (section 05): MW 3-4:15 p.m., in McLane 161.

Holidays: September 1 (Labor Day), November 26 (Thanksgiving).

Required Course Texts:
(1) Energy and the Environment, by Robert A. Ristinen and Jack L. Kraushaar (1999).
(2) New Energy Sources, by Nigel Hawkes (2000).
(3) NSci 116 Class Notes, by F. A. Ringwald (2003).
(4) The Elements of Style, 4th ed., by W. Strunk Jr. and E. B. White (2000).

Recommended Course Texts:
(1R) How Stuff Works, by Marshall Brain (2001), although an online version is also available, at http://www.howstuffworks.com/.
(2R) The Way Science Works, by Robin Kerrod and Sharon Ann Holgate (2002).

All texts should be available at the campus Bookstore, in the University Student Union building.

Required Course Equipment:
(1) Clear plastic ruler; (2) Scientific calculator (that has scientific notation, and can calculate logarithmic and exponential functions); (3) A looseleaf notebook, in which to put your NSci 116 Class Notes (although the Copy Center may provide the Class Notes already in these looseleaf notebooks).

Course web page: http://zimmer.csufresno.edu/~fringwal/nsci116.html

Course grades will be awarded for the following final percentages:
85.0-100% = A; 70.0-84.9% = B; 55.0-69.9% = C; 40.0-54.9% = D; 0-39.9% = F.
These percentages will be computed with the following weights:

Please note:

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