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Research Opportunities for Fresno State Students
(Fresno State Physics)

Mentor: Professor Ringwald
E-mail: ringwald[at]

Phone: 278-8426
Also: 278-2371
Office: McLane Hall, Room 11, in the new Building J (or "J-wing")

Current Opportunities:

Fresno State's station at Sierra Remote Observatory From the sitecam, on the weather station The Milky Way with an Iridium flare and an airplane trail

(1) Fresno State's station at Sierra Remote Observatories.

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The first eight Sierra Remote Observatories were built in 2007. The project was founded by Dr. Greg Morgan, Dr. Keith Quattrocchi, and Dr. Mel Helm, all of whom are members of the Central Valley Astronomers. The observatories are at a dark site at 4610' altitude, near Shaver Lake. Fresno State's telescope is in Observatory #7. We operate it mainly from campus, 47 miles away, by remote control over the internet. The 16-inch f/8 telescope is by DFM Engineering. It has an STX-16803 camera by SBIG.

Science programs include:

Fresno State's Campus Observatory,
behind the Downing Planetarium Fresno State's Campus Observatory,
behind the Downing Planetarium Fresno State's Campus Observatory, behind the Downing

(2) Fresno State's Campus Observatory.

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The Campus Observatory is on the grounds of the Downing Planetarium, at longitude 119.7447 degrees West, latitude 36.8147 degrees North, and elevation 340 feet (104 m). (The local mean time correction is +1m 01.3s.) Its main telescope is a 16-inch Meade LX200. The Campus Observatory is well instrumented, with a wide variety of cameras and other equipment. For an equipment list and a description of their performance, see here.

Ongoing science programs include:

Completed science programs include:

If you're interested, please read the following:
On many projects we collaborate with the Central Valley Astronomers, Fresno's amateur club, who are a huge help!

If you are a Fresno State student or CVA member and have your own ideas for projects, particularly if they describe a specific, plausible path from telescope to finished scientific objective, which we can do with the equipment we have now, please contact Dr. Ringwald.

(2) Other astronomical observing, as the opportunities arise:

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