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Introduction to ELEVEN

Alright. Who the hell is this ELEVEN? Well. A great band that hasn't gotten any recognition. (Much like some of the Music Matinee pages that I put together because I couldn't find them anywhere on the web). And if you wanna check a REALLY rare band, there is my own music...SchizoPhobia which you can check out for your listening pleasure/pain. ;-) Buy this particular page is for ELEVEN. These three deserve their own page and here it is. I've looked high and low all over the web and couldn't find anything to support Eleven's music. So....I'm now underway with an Eleven site.

For those that have never heard of the band Eleven, I hope I can turn you onto some new music. They have been musically categorized in all kinds of different areas from Punk to Hard Rock to Blues but I just say LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC and hear for yourself. In my opinion, they just fall under Hard Rock with some great vocals by singers Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider(which is DAMN hard to find in this day and age). If any of the song titles of the albums below are underlined, you can listen to the song in Real Audio! Now let's get to the band members and albums shall we?!? :-)

The Band Members

The band Eleven formed in 1990. The band members are:

Alain Johannes (guitars, vocals),
Natasha Shneider (organ, bass, vocals)
Jack Irons (drums)

The albums currently available

This was Eleven's debut album released in 1990 entitled:

Awake in a Dream

Track listings:

1. All Together
2. Break The Spell
3. Learning To Be
4. Rainbow's End
5. Before Your Eyes
6. Burning Your Bed
7. Flying
8. I Wanna See No Back
9. You Are Mine
10. Water And Power
11. Down
12. Message To You

This was Eleven second album released in 1993.

It was self titled

1. Crash Today
2. Reach Out
3. Towers
4. Hieronymus
5. Let Down (Left Out, Laughed At)
6. Yes, Alright
7. Ava Tar
8. Slinky
9. Runaway
10. Heavy
This was Eleven's third release in 1995 entitled:


1. Nature Wants To Kill Me
2. Coming Down
3. Why
4. Seasick Of You
5. You Will Know
6. Awful Lot
7. Tomorrow Speaks-Listen in R.A.!
8. Big Sleep
9. No Ground
10. Kneeling On One Knee
11. Damned

Where Can I Buy Eleven's CDs? can purchase any of the 2 CDs from CDNow! So click here if you would like to hear a few more songs samples from the CDNow site and/or buy the CDs. The first Cd "Awake" is a hard one to find. But you can try E-mailing Me and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction.

The Latest News

As of 1994, Jack Irons left Eleven to join Pearl Jam and the new line up to date is:

Alain Johannes (guitars, vocals),
Natasha Shneider (organ, bass, vocals)
Greg Upchurch (drums)

Eleven is currently on tour with Chris Cornell supporting his solo release Euphoria Morning.. Upon completion of Cornell's CD, Eleven will begin rehearsing for an early '99 US tour, it's first in two years. They will tour for the majority of '99 in support of Chris and be releaseing their next album in February of 2000 entitled Enter. Enter was produced by Alain and Natasha at their home studio, 11AD. Enter is their fourth CD and debut for A&M.

Links to other Eleven sites of interest

Here is the most recent article I found thanks to a friend on the net.

This is a cool page that I found in the Soundgarden Tour of 1996 when Eleven was supporting the Thunk CD and went on tour with Soundgarden. Check out some background info on the Thunk album and musical influences of Eleven.

Check The All Music Guide's Eleven reference. This is about the only other place I could find that could give me any information on Eleven since the Hollywood Records site was no longer active.

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