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   Guidelines and Schedule for the Research Paper

        Periodical Titles under Economics available in the Madden  Library

        Burton and Lombra's The Financial System &The Economy

        Key Concepts for Exam 1,   Key Concepts for Exam 2,   Key Concepts for Exam 3

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   Research papers                

                        "HOW TO SOLVE THE U.S. HOUSING PROBLEM AND AVOID A RECESSION"  By Paul Davidson

      Sample of Presentation by Students


                                "A brief history of Chinese 'coins,'" Presentation by Mr. Noah Gentry-George

                               "Derivatives,"  Presentation by Mr. Tim Mundhenke



                   Experts Speak

                        Glass Steagall Act

                        "The Role of Monetary Policy" (Milton Friedman, 1968)

                         Remarks by Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. on Blueprint for Regulatory Reform, March 31, 2008