University of Calgary Phonetic Inventory

Hosted by the Dept. of Linguistics at Fresno State University

The UCPI constitutes a set of language recordings made under the direction of Professor Michael Dobrovolsky, of the Dept. of Linguistics at the University of Calgary.  These recordings date back to the 1990s, and most were made using high-quality analog reel tape.  Some were recorded using digital audio tape, a now defunct technology from that era. 

The UCPI at Fresno State contains recordings that were made with the specific purpose of illustrating all the sounds of the subject languages.  The sound files are huge, since they are largely unedited recording sessions with the native speakers.  Most of these sessions correlate quite easily and obviously with the corresponding PDF document.  The currently posted UCPI contains recording sessions illustrating the phonetics of 45 languages, several of which are represented by two or three dialects.  The languages were not selected with any special criteria in mind other than the ability to work with a native speaker.  For this reason, all of the native American languages in the inventory are spoken in Canada, usually in close proximity to Calgary.

Questions or problems with the posted files should be directed to Sean Fulop at Fresno State; his email is available through the Linguistics Department website.

 Sound files (wav)
Documentation files (PDF)

Albanian PDF
Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Egypt) PDF
Arabic (Lebanon) sp1
Arabic (Lebanon) sp1 PDF
Arabic (Lebanon) sp2 part1
Arabic sp2 part2
Arabic (Lebanon) sp2 PDF
Bengali part1
Bengali part2
Bengali PDF
Blackfoot (Old Siksika)
Blackfoot (Old) PDF
Blackfoot (New Siksika)
Blackfoot (New) PDF
Bulgarian part1
Bulgarian part2
Bulgarian part3
Bulgarian PDF
Cantonese part1
Cantonese part2
Cantonese PDF
Catalan part1
Catalan part2
Catalan PDF
Chichewa PDF
Chipewyan PDF
Croatian (Herzegovina)
Croatian (Herz) PDF
Croatian (Zagreb) part1
Croatian part2
Croatian PDF
Czech PDF
Danish PDF
Dzongkha part1
Dzongkha part2
Dzongkha PDF
Finnish part1
Finnish part2
Finnish PDF
French (Lyons)
French (Lyons) PDF
Frisian PDF
German (Berne)
Baernduetsch PDF
German (Erfurt) part1
German part2
German PDF
German (Plautdietsch)
Plautdietsch PDF
This recording is probably a heritage speaker. Please disregard introductory remark which identifies the dialect as standard; it is Peloponnesian.
Greek PDF
Hakka Chinese
Hakka PDF
Hebrew (modern) sp1 part1
Hebrew sp1 part2
Hebrew sp2
Hebrew PDF (incomplete)
Hokkien Chinese part1
Hokkien part2
Hokkien PDF
Icelandic part1
Icelandic part2
Icelandic PDF
Idoma PDF
Italian (Undine)
Italian (Undine) PDF
Italian (Abruzzi)
Italian (Abruzzi) PDF
Japanese PDF
Khmer (Cambodian)
Khmer PDF
Korean PDF
Latvian PDF
Malay PDF
Norwegian PDF
Polish part1
Polish part2
Polish PDF
Portuguese (Brazil) part1
Portuguese part2
Portuguese (Brazil) PDF
Romanian PDF
Russian part1
Russian part2
Russian PDF
Sarcee tape1
Sarcee tape3
Sarcee1 PDF
Sarcee3 PDF (no IPA)
Sharchhop tape1 (sp1)
Sharchhop tape2 (sp1)
Sharchhop tape3 (sp1+2)
Sharchhop tape4 (sp2)
Sharchhop sp1 PDF
Sharchhop sp2 PDF
Sindebele (Zulu) part1
Sindebele (Zulu) part2
Zulu PDF
Slavey (North)
Slavey PDF
Slovak PDF
Spanish (Bolivia)
Spanish PDF
Stoney (Alexis)
Stoney (Alexis) PDF
Stoney (Morley)
Stoney (Morley) PDF
Swedish (Skane)
Swedish (Skane) PDF
Swedish (Stockholm)
Swedish (Stockholm) PDF
Tibetan PDF
Tigrinya PDF
Turkish PDF
Ukrainian PDF
Vietnamese PDF

A little background information

The UCPI was intiated by M. Dobrovolsky many years ago.  The recording sessions with native speakers were mostly conducted by his students over the years (with S. Fulop being one of these). Professor Sean Fulop of the Fresno State Linguistics department eventually obtained digital copies of most of the archive from Scott Moisik, a student of M. Dobrovolsky.  Prof. Fulop (with the assistance of the U of C Linguistics department) also made scans of hardcopies of the original documentation files and transcriptions, which are provided here in PDF.  The electronic files could not be used because of the outdated IPA font.  After using the inventory materials for teaching phonetics class, S. Fulop (a graduate of the U of C Linguistics program) realized that the materials should be made available for general access, and so undertook to upload the entire inventory currently documented.  More language recordings will be made available when possible.